Time To Prep Your Home For Fall

Time To Prep Your Home For Fall

  • Matt Knight
  • 09/7/23

Time To Prep Your Home For Fall


As the leaves start turning, it's time to give your home some TLC to make sure it’s ready for the fall season. 


A Chore with a Silver Lining

Ah, the classic fall activity - raking leaves and picking up sticks. Now, don't get me wrong, those crispy leaves look fantastic in pictures (but not the branches).  Too much debris on the ground can inhibit your lawn's growth come spring. So grab that rake, let your inner child out, and get those leaves in order! Plus, you'll get your daily workout without hitting the gym. Talk about multitasking, right?


Exterior Repairs: Before Winter Says "Hello"

Winter weather in Northern California can be a bit of a mood-killer for your home's exterior. So, let's give it some love before the rain decides to pay a visit. Check for loose shingles, cracks in the walls, or any other minor repairs that need attention. Think of it as a pre-winter makeover for your home. And hey, when spring comes around, your house will be the talk of the neighborhood… curbside appeal is everything…selling or not. 


Seal the Deal Against Uninvited Guests

Speaking of winter, critters are always on the lookout for a warm and cozy place to crash (even in summer too). We don’t need our dog Jack catching us any gifts… Seal up gaps and cracks around your home to make sure these unwelcome guests don't move in. Let's keep it a critter-free zone.


Wet Winter Safety Walkthrough: The More, the Merrier

Your walkways, railings, stairs, and even that trusty driveway have quite a task during a rainy winter. They become the heroes of safe navigation for your household. Give them some love by checking for any slippery spots or potential hazards. This way, your runs to the mailbox will be a piece of cake.


Cleaning Dryer Vents

Who knew that laundry could save your life? Well, not the laundry itself, but the dryer. Cleaning out those dryer vents might sound like a chore, but it's crucial. Lint buildup is no joke and can even lead to fires. So, grab that lint brush, channel your inner chimney sweep, and give your dryer the cleaning it deserves. Safety first, always!


Smoke and CO Detectors

Now, I know you might be thinking, you're making home maintenance sound like an action-packed adventure!" And you know what? You're right! Let's keep that adventure spirit alive by checking your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. These little lifesavers deserve a test and maybe even a battery change. After all, they're your home's superheroes, always ready to sound the alarm when needed.


So, there you have it, friends! Fall home maintenance doesn't have to be a daunting task. With a sprinkle of adventure and a dash of DIY spirit, you'll have your castle ready to embrace the chillier, wet winter days. Happy home adventures! 

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