A wealthy and prestigious small town located in Central Marin.

Welcome to Ross

Dignified little town with many luxury homes on private and spacious lots surrounding a compact and walkable downtown
Ross is a wealthy and prestigious small town located in Central Marin, specifically in Ross Valley. This sophisticated and picturesque town is cherished for its small-town charm, dignified old homes, and family-friendly vibe. At just 1.6 square miles and with only about 2,290 residents, Ross is quite a quaint and cozy town.
Located approximately 18 miles north of San Francisco, Ross attracts those who want to escape from the fast-paced city life and live somewhere far more relaxed. But what makes Ross so unique is the lack of heavy development and the community's devotion to maintaining harmony with the area's natural environment.
Ross is home to many protected preserves and open spaces with a distinct woodsy vibe along the shady, tree-lined residential streets. Lots are large and private, set apart from one another to allow for exclusivity. With numerous luxury estates, well-manicured green spaces, upscale boutiques, and acclaimed restaurants, Ross radiates elegance and class.

What to Love

  • Sophisticated, upscale town known for its luxury homes and estates
  • Home to The Branson School, one of the Bay Area’s finest
  • Lots of trees, rolling hillsides, and access to many trails contribute to Ross’s scenic appeal

People & Lifestyle

Served by The Ross School District, which operates two distinguished schools, Ross has become a haven for families. Besides the top-notch educational institutions, Ross invites seclusion and privacy with its generously portioned lots and abundance of trees. Residents appreciate living in an area with limited commercialization, allowing for more natural surroundings such as creeks and tree-covered hillsides. But even though it's easy to find quiet in Ross, the community is also warm and communal, with a well-trafficked downtown area that regularly hosts social gatherings and events.
The Ross Common is home to lush green spaces and sports fields at the center of town. It's easy to stop by the Common for a short stroll and then grab lunch at one of the nearby cafés before taking a bike ride to Phoenix Lake in the afternoon. Given the convenience and tranquility that comes with the Ross lifestyle, it's easy to see why this community is considered one of the best places to live in Marin County.

Dining, Shopping, & Entertainment

The town square, or Ross Commons, is the community heartbeat. This compact and walkable downtown area is lined with a few shops, a local grocer, a cafe, restaurants, and Sam the Butcher (now an art gallery). It's also where many events take places, such as town picnics, live music events, parades, and more.

Many of Ross's best restaurants are in the Common, such as the French bistro Marche Aux Fleurs, named after the famous farmers market held in Nice, France. Part-eatery part-marketplace, Marche offers fresh and wild seafood, free-range meat, and a lengthy list of beer and boutique wines. The restaurant’s weekly burger night is a big deal and so popular it’s best to order ahead!

Tony Tutto’s is a dog and kid-friendly neighborhood staple known for serving specialty pies. Residents love the variety of the menu, including the vegan and gluten-free options. If you're craving Italian food, Trattoria Fresco is an acclaimed spot in the Common, owned by Chef Marco Franceschini. As a native of Florence, Italy, Chef Marco takes pride in cooking authentic and seasonal cuisine for his patrons.

Things to Do

Phoenix Lake offers an abundance of great hiking opportunities. Hike uphill to the lake and find trails like the Gertrude Orr Trail and the Phoenix Lake Trail. The lake is one of Marin's most popular outdoor recreation spots, and the paths range from easy to challenging.

The 11-acre Marin Art and Garden Center is a botanical garden and gathering place featuring gardens and historic buildings, like the Barn Theater home to the Ross Valley Players theater troupe. The center functions as an active community resource, encompassing several artists groups, a children's playground, and the Ross Historical Society, in addition to serving as a picturesque backdrop to many town events.

Every Independence Day, Ross residents celebrate with the annual parade and picnic in the Common. This special July celebration includes a parade followed by a luncheon and games.

Dine with your neighbors and loved ones on the Ross Common during the annual Ross Town Dinner. This potluck-style event invites the entire town to bring dishes to share. Live music is provided for this beloved family-friendly event.


Since Ross is such a small town, it is mainly served by two schools, the highly-rated Ross School and The Branson School, one of the Bay Area’s most distinguished high schools.

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